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This blog is totally dedicated to Dorian (Almost Human) and our sweetness Michael Ealy.
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Because of tumblr limit of only 10 pics the rest of them will be in next post :)


Jesse Williams & Michael Ealy

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He enters the jail like a boss

okay, look, if i donate, will you shut your mouth?

that what it’s going to take?

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”He has a problem with personal space.” [x]

I know Karl is/was married but, honestly, he does invade Michael’s space in suggestive ways, tried to kiss him in a blooper shot and in another shot wanted Dorian to say ‘John, I love you’.  Lol, I understand.  To see Mike Ealy is to fall in love with him.  ;)



Even better than the first one

One of my favourite Almost Human vids.

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I genuinely want to know how big this fandom is.

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and i do, as much as you

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almost human is very important

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